Reflections on Earth Day

I ran across this article that I wrote 4 years ago.  It still rings true on this Earth Day and serves as a grateful reminder of what we’re given.  Get out there and get dirty!

As Earth Day approaches, I am increasingly thinking of everything I’m grateful for that out Mother Earth supplies.   I feel each of us should celebrate ourselves every day by being grateful for who we are as individuals and the opportunity to have this human experience, and although I try to do that daily, especially upon waking, it’s sometimes nice to have that once-a-year reminder, our birthdays, to really appreciate ourselves and the path we’re on in life.  Just the same, I feel a celebration and appreciation for Earth should be a continuous vibration we’re giving off, but it’s nice to have that yearly reminder, Earth Day, of the beauty and the miracles that we’re continuously surrounded by.   I can only speak for myself and I know I sometimes feel that I lose this connection to Mother Earth, to my surroundings, to essentially my extended body, when I get caught up in daily life.  This is most certainly the case in my past, but still I have days or moments when I catch myself and think, “When was the last time I connected with the earth, with the sand or soil or grass, and stopped to feel the breeze or admire the beauty of the moon, or listen to the sounds of the birds, or appreciate the warmth of the sun, or the intricate design of a flower?”  Not long ago, I had some health issues that really slowed me down, and in a way, I realize that was blessing in disguise.  Although I was in quite a bit of pain and not moving around much, the phrase “take time to stop and smell the roses” became literally a reality.  I often couldn’t make it but a few steps before needing to take a break and I moved so slow I couldn’t help but notice the smells around me.  In my rests on park benches, or curbs or wherever I could prop myself, I’d admire the water, the marine life, and the plants and feel the sunshine and breeze.  I wasn’t running through life at a runner’s pace like I had the past 29 years, because I simply couldn’t.   Even at the time, I could appreciate the lesson I was learning to slow down, appreciate your surroundings, don’t rush through life and I felt my body was simply giving me a head’s up that I better work on finding balance or I would be headed for much worse problems.  But something still wasn’t sitting right with me.  Even though I had plenty of time to enjoy nature, since I often wasn’t able to work or do a whole lot actively, I felt a dis-connect.  I was taking a medicine that in the long-run was supposed to cycle out some of this “pain” – too complicated (and boring) to get into – but it was a synthetic medicine, for one, so nothing “from the earth” was part of it.  On top of that, I couldn’t touch plants and I couldn’t use any products that contained plants, herbs, extracts, juices and the like.  For three years, I essentially never touched grass, I wore gloves to garden or do flower arrangements and I used only synthetic products on my hair and skin and for any household cleaning with ingredients that I couldn’t even begin to pronounce.  It’s no wonder I didn’t feel better!  I was trying to heal my body but was completely disconnected from my extended body!  How could I heal? I was in so much pain and I was looking for some sort of remedy to cling to, and that’s what I did. I appreciate the path that I took in that I’ve now fully realized the importance of having that connection to the Earth, that connection we’re meant to have from birth, being made from the same elements as the Earth itself.  While still on the medicine, I gradually through my own research and amazing people/teachers that came into my life and the Universe simply delivering answers to my questions, realized that we have been given through nature everything we need to live, to heal, to rejuvenate, to renew, and to feel balanced.  It’s all been given to us, it’s here at our fingertips.  We may need to find what works specifically for our body types, our current situations, but the answers are there . . . that is to say, here in Nature, our Mother Earth.  I went off my medicine many months ago and have never looked back.  I feel vibrant, I feel healthy, I feel connected to my body, and I’m conscientious of what’s going on and in my body.  Most importantly, I’ve restored that connection to the Earth – and I say “restored” because I believe we’re born with that connection, there’s no way to be born without it, but it can be and is easily lost.  I remember that first day after 3 years that I walked barefoot on the grass – the excitement, the cool touch, my heart feeling like it was swelling – and giving thanks for that moment and the beauty that I was a part of.  So let’s celebrate Earth every day, with a special reminder this Earth Day coming up . . . . I honestly can’t think of anything better to do.  And with that being said, I’m headed out to paddle board, to get away from the computer and get my much needed daily dose of nature!


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