Let Go of Perfection and Just Do It

IMG_4648I heard this line earlier today and thought, “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s all about.”  In so many senses . . whether it’s self-care, cooking, exercise, meditation.  In our busy lives, it’s hard to find the perfect moment and circumstances . . . and it’s also hard (as in, impossible) to be perfect at everything!  So just let go of that notion.  I teach this with nutrition . . the 90-10 rule.  Eat well, stay on track, 90% of the time, and give yourself some freedom and indulgence 10% of the time.  Without the guilt (that’s the key)!  But let’s look at this with exercise as well.  This photo is of me getting my sweat on in a power half-hour, with her running around all over around me and “helping” me with my exercises . . . but I got it done!  What I’ve seen with clients is that they can’t find the right gym, the right exercise that interests them, or the right yoga schedule that fits their availability.  Or they can’t seem to coordinate with their partner to watch the kids while they workout, complain of not having enough space in their house to work out, and on and on.  These are certainly concerns to work around and/or deal with head-on (such as the coordinating with your spouse!), but they’re simply that, concerns to work around.  It’s very nice to find those perfect circumstances for a workout and it feels so good when you do.  But I’ll tell you from experience, it almost feels BETTER when you fit in a good workout at a “non-ideal” time or place.  It’s this ultimate feeling of accomplishment because you weren’t even sure how it was going to happen!  I believe in the importance of scheduling your workout, and self-care in general, into your calendar and making it a priority.  But the fact is, in our busy days things creep in on us and the days don’t always pan out exactly as expected.  I know this is definitely true as a parent!  The more people you’re working around and taking care of, the more your “aloted self-time” can quickly disappear!  We can’t always fit in that drive to and from the gym, so we decide to scrap the workout all together.  Or we sleep late figuring we really need the sleep instead (which may be true, don’t get me wrong), so don’t consider fitting in a quick walk later in the day.  Or we can’t afford the yoga studio or private instructor, so we take a break, usually feeling guilty about it, and figure we’ll pick it back up when we can.  Be committed to your self-care, exercise being one of the priorities, let go of perfection and just do it!  If you know me, you know I’ve lived in some VERY small spaces, so I can attest that you literally need very little space for a workout.   You may have to CHOOSE the type of workout, but it can be done . . . wall sits, planks and jumping jacks fit about anywhere!  If it’s hard to get to the gym, or even out for a walk or run during day-light hours, consider waking up a bit earlier and fitting in a home workout.  You may not always look perfect designing your own yoga flow from what you remember from classes, but who cares!  Do your best, keep moving and breathing and just do it!  And don’t think that you either need a full hour or it’s not worth it.  Fit in 10, 20 or 30 minutes . . that’s totally fine!  I actually may do a couple of 10 minute workouts at different times in the day if I can’t fit in anything longer at one time.  If it’s motivation you lack, find a fun workout video or make a playlist of your favorite songs and not long into it you’ll be feeling inspired.  I teach fitness but still have a number of fitness videos that I know I can just pop into my computer, not have to plan a workout and just be told what to do! On those days I’m lacking some motivation, I think about how I will feel AFTER the workout, and how that “high” I’ll feel after will carry on into the rest of my day.  I also consider the opposite, how I’ll feel if I don’t do a workout and how it will carry on into my day . . . right there is amazing motivation.  The circumstances aren’t always going to be perfect and you’re not always going to be perfect, but at the end of the day you’ll be proud of yourself for taking some time for yourself, for self-care.  Sometimes it’s honestly about fitting it into the “nooks and crannies of life”, as I refer it to because some days that’s what it feels like, but we do our best.  And when we know we’re doing our best, we feel better about ourselves, our health is stronger, we react better to stress, we cultivate stronger relationships . . . and we thrive.  Now that’s totally worth not being perfect about it!


The “Right” Way to Juice

image.pngI get asked often my opinion on juicing and different juice brands, and more so now that we’re headed into Spring and Summer and people are wanting to look their best and shed some weight.  What I’m running into often is people wanting to get back on track with their diet and thinking that a juice cleanse would be a nice jump-start.  I agree, a juice cleanse can definitely be a nice jump-start.  It’s not necessary, so keep that in mind, in order to lose weight and get back on a healthy regime, but to be honest, I find a cleanse fun and helpful myself.  It’s very bio-individual.    I can provide some guidelines for that as well as tips to know what to look for in quality juices.  Remember that we’re all different so while I think bringing juice into your “diet”/lifestyle is good for all of us, it really depends on your body type whether you can or should do a cleanse, and for how long to continue the cleanse.  Just to be clear, we’re talking about fresh-pressed, no sugar added juice, and better yet raw, organic and unpastuerized.  Don’t waste your time, health, or that of your kids, with the store-bought sugar added juices, and I won’t waste mine writing more about them.  Juices are great for easing back into a healthy regime, but have a plan.  Make sure that it’s your path to better eating because I’ve seen it often that someone does a cleanse and then pigs-out on junk food after!  Have in mind ahead of time (talk to a health coach if you need help) what you would like your diet to look like.  We can’t live on juices, so this is important!  Allow a cleanse to be a transition to a “lifestyle”, which is a word I actually like using better than “diet”, because it gives the impression of enjoyment and longevity much better than a diet does.  The length and type of a cleanse depends on your health concerns, current eating path, and weight.   If you have some weight to shed and really need a good jump-start, starting at a 3-day cleanse could be great.  Some even go for 5 days, but if you’re new to juicing that could be daunting.  If you’re light-weight, then you want to be careful with a longer cleanse.  You might just go with a 1 or 2 day and/or bring in some light food to chew as well, such as a salad, soup or avocado.  Something else to be careful with on juices (this is actually very important), make sure the juices aren’t loaded with too much sweet from fruit.  Although this can make them easier to drink if you’re not use to veggie-juice, and can still provide nutrition, the point is to CLEANSE, and that really comes from your greens and spices (like pressed ginger and turmeric) for the most part.  Of course, there are fruits that are great to have in juices for the vitamins and cleansing as well, especially citrus fruits like lemon and lime, but just make sure the juices are more veggie-based instead of fruit-based.  The point isn’t to feed the bad gut bacteria which LOVE sugar, it’s to get them out!

With juices, because the foods aren’t cooked at all, it’s really best to use organic.  If a juicery doesn’t have “Organic” on their labels, it’s still worth it to ask if they use organic.  Getting that “Organic” label on products is actually a very expensive process, so if it’s a small business they might just not be able to swing the cost quite yet.  But hopefully they’re honest and can tell you if everything they use is organic or if certain things are organic.  If they’re proud of the ingredients they use and the sources their produce comes from, they’ll be proud to share it with you as well.  Don’t be afraid to ask their process for juicing.  Some use high heat, in which case the juice loses some of its nutritional value and should definitely be consumed right after making it.  Others use a hydraulic press, which doesn’t use heat so it retains its nutritional value longer.  Still it’s best to consume it sooner than later, but the juices do have a few days fridge-life.  Unpastuerized is definitely important as well.  Most store-bought juices are going to be pasteurized and therefore devoid of beneficial enzymes and bacteria for the body, which is why I buy my juice always from an on-site place, where they actually make the juice to-order in front of you, or at least press it there and don’t pasteurize it.  Most of us know that with certain health conditions and pregnancy to be careful of unpastuerized foods, but for the general population, unpastuerized is better from a nutritional standpoint.

I hope these tips help!  Keep in mind that even if you don’t do a juice cleanse, which again isn’t necessary to get on the right track but can be helpful and even enjoyable, having a fresh-presesd juice once a day or several times a week is great for our bodies. It’s easily absorbed by our cells, easy to digest, so straight nutrition.  If you want to keep the fiber in there, do a smoothie instead or the combo of both during your week.  Of course, all of this in addition, not instead, of eating well for your body. 🙂

Is Your Life Sustainable?

IMG_5707I think this is a question we could all ask ourselves.  Check in with yourself once in awhile and think about different aspects of your lifestyle and ask yourself, “Could I continue like this and expect to feel the way I want to feel in the future?”.  It’s a question I should have asked myself in my 20’s, as I was putting in about 4 hours of exercise a day, not counting working on my feet all day, eating a junk-food vegetarian diet (not all vegetarians are necessarily healthy!) loaded with too many sugary foods and carbs, and a bit heavy on the sugary alcohol drinks.  Truth comes out.  No wonder I ended up with serious health issues later 20’s!  All good now, but it came to a pretty serious point before I took a good look at my lifestyle.  The interesting party of it was . . . I was considered “so healthy” by many!  It was a lack of knowledge on my part, and a lack of really reflecting on the choices I was making and asking myself that simple question . . is this sustainable?  Yes, I kept up with the lifestyle for years in my early 20’s, but could I sustain it?  Well, that answer became obvious down the road.  It’s a little disconcerting as well that I was considered healthy and ended up with so many health issues!  What does that mean for the general population?  Well, maybe the increasing number of illnesses – despite all the information available at our fingertips, doctors, supplements, health food stores, etc – answers that.  A healthy sustainable life involves many aspects.  You can be in top-shape but lack significant relationships; a high-up executive but lack joy; a loving parent but constantly fatigued; or super satisfied with your career but feeling an emptiness spiritually.  I like to go through a “Circle of Life” periodically and evaluate where I am, where I’d like to be, and steps I could take to get there.  Here are the different areas of life that I look at:  Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Physical Activity, Home Cooking, Home Environment, Relationships, Social Life, Sleep and Joy.  How do you feel in these areas?  Where are your strengths, where are your weaknesses?  And in each area, whether it’s an area of strength or weakness, it’s worth asking yourself whether your choices in this area are sustainable for the future.  If not, just take some time to reflect, or better yet write down, steps you could take to move toward a lifestyle that will bring about more satisfaction.  To quote Joshua Rosenthal, Founder and Director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, “This approach is not about acquiring more self-discipline or willpower.  It’s about personally discovering what nourishes you, what feeds you and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary.”  We all deserve the extraordinary!

Healthy Fats vs Unhealthy Fats

imageFor a long time fats got a bad rap, and even though there’s much more information now on the benefits of fats in our diet, I’ve noticed in conversations with others that there’s still much confusion as to what we should avoid and what fats we should bring in.  Fats end up sitting on your cell walls, so the question I was presented with was this . . . “Do you want your cell walls to be made of potato chips or olive oil?  Bacon or avocado?”  I know many would answer that last question with “bacon!” . . . but truly, when you really think about it?  Avo for me!  Healthy fats allow the cells to be fluid so that they can float easily and smoothly in the bloodstream and transport nutrients across the cell membranes with ease.  Unhealthy fats, on the other hand, cause the cell membranes to be stiff and less fluid, causing them to nick and damage.  They also act like “gum” on a lock, not only making it hard to transport nutrients but as well blocking the release of insulin and therefore potentially leading to diabetes.  For healthy fats, we’re talking about avocado, nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, and dark chocolate to name a few.  Unhealthy fats are what you’d typically think . . . fried food, chips, too much dairy and meat, and many types of meat in general (hot dogs come to mind). I’m going to focus on just a few healthy fats that I love to bring into my diet.

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love DARK chocolate.  Not only for it’s taste, but the fact that it’s loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and fiber!  It’s actually the highest ranking food in antioxidants . . but go for at least 70% and above to get the health benefits.

Avocados.  I eat about one a day!  I love that avocados can pair with about anything!  I eat them with nut butters, olives, veggies or veggie burgers, quinoa.  I spice it up with cayenne pepper, ginger and sea salt . . or I’ve even been know to mix it with melted chocolate or cocoa powder to make a tasty “chocolate pudding”.  Like chocolate, they’re knows to lower LDL cholesterol.  They’re also high in potassium and fiber.  Don’t forget about the avocado seed as well!  Sidenote . . I love that avocados are actually a fruit.  The seeds themselves contain the majority of the antioxidants, including flavonol, an antioxidant that helps prevent and reduce tumor growth.  The seeds also contain a large amount of soluble fibers.  If you have a strong blender, they can be blended right into your smoothie and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

Nuts and seeds are great snacks to have on hand as long as you don’t have any allergies to them.  They vary in nutrient content depending on the nut and seed, but provide healthy and filling fats.  In general, they’re high in fiber and a good plant-based source of protein.  They’re also high in Vitamin E and magnesium.  I snack on a small amount when I’m needing something in-between meals, trying to mix it up on the type of nuts since they all provide something different.  Nut butters may work better for some people that have weaker digestive systems as then the nuts are already broken down.  If you’re eating them whole, just be sure that you chew well to make them easier to digest.  Another option is to soak them in water if the nuts are raw, making them easier to break down.  I try to buy raw whenever I can and/or organic, just to get the highest quality.

Coconut oil . . one of my favorites.  I cook with coconut oil constantly because it can withstand a high temperature without oxidizing like many plant oils do.  And it provides great flavor!  Coconut oil has a high amount of saturated fats but it consists of medium-chain fatty acids, which digest quickly so it doesn’t tax the liver or cause cholesterol issues.  Coconut oil has therapeutic healing qualities for the skin and immune system.  Whenever my daughter got a little bum rash, I just used straight coconut oil and it resolved it overnight!

The list of healthy fats goes on, but these are a few to start experimenting with.  You may find that as you start incorporating more healthy fats into your diet, you naturally fill up more on these and find yourself eating less carbs and eating less often (fats fill you up for a longer amount of time that carbs) . . . and therefore you drop weight without really trying. I’ve seen it happen over and over again . . something to experiment with if you’re trying to loose weight naturally and stick with it.  Another thing I love about fats before I sign off, is that they pair well with protein or carbs.  A rule of thumb for healthy digestion (aka, no gas, bloating, constipation, etc), is to not consume protein and carbs in the same meal.  But fats can go with either and digest just fine.  So get your healthy fats with each meal and experiment with it as a snack instead of chips or popcorn and see how you feel!


Horchata recipe with a twist

imageI LOVE horchata, but my only issue with buying it from restaurants or grocery stores is that it’s so loaded with sugar.  So I do my own unsweetened version, plumping it up with some extra nutrition and protein.  You can use this recipe as a guideline and of course tweak yours if you want to change the spices, use a nut butter instead of tahini, or add some sweetener (honey or maple syrup could be nice with it, or blend in dates or banana . . just some options).

1 cup rice (I use a sprouted brown rice)

2 cups water

2 cinnamon sticks

Soak the above ingredients over night (or at least 8 hours).  Then remove the cinnamon sticks and place all the water plus rice in the blender.  Add:

1 small root of turmeric (I use about the size of my thumb) or ground turmeric (about 1/2 Tbsp)

Blend together for up to 1 minute.  Then use a nut milk bag to drain into a bowl.  Squeeze every bit out!

2 cups of cashew or almond milk (or whatever milk alternative you like)

2 Tbsp Tahini

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp black pepper

Blend together and serve warm or cold.  It’s good for several days in the refrigerator.  Enjoy!


Superfood Chocolates, the Healthy “Sin”

imageNo longer does anyone need to feel guilty about eating chocolate.  Dark chocolate that is.  I’m so amazed and impressed with how often I’m able to find quality artisan dark chocolate, almost anywhere I go now!  If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with hunting out the quality chocolates wherever I am . . it might be in a new country, new city or just at different coffee shops and grocery stores.  To get the healthy benefits from it I always go 70% and up . . . and 70% is even when there’s NOTHING higher around.  I prefer 100% myself but anywhere 85% and up is ideal for me, and I believe the ideal to go with for more benefits.  Trust me, it’s still delicious, way more than that sugary milk chocolate! Basically, the darker the better and if you can get raw cacao, even more of a bonus!  I will list some benefits first of all with dark chocolate, and then I will give you my own recipe for one of my superfood chocolates (which I’ve always kept secret unit this blog), which just supercharges the health and and taste even more!

Raw chocolate (cacao) is THE highest antioxidant food on the planet and one of the top longevity foods.  Right there, it’s already a winner.  It’s super high in magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, Vitamin C, chromium, fiber and Omega-6 fatty acids.  It’s also high in theobromine, which helps for cardiovascular support, and anandamide, the “bliss chemical” . . basically it’s an aphrodisiac and elevates mood and energy, always a good thing.:)  It also acts as a support for the absorption of nearly all other vital nutrients.

I use dark chocolate often for clients that have a sweet tooth but either need to go off the sugar for health reasons and/or want to loose weight, as it’s a natural appetite suppressant.  Of course, everything in moderation, and anything but 100% still has some sugar in it. As well, all cacao and chocolate also have some caffeine.  I always have my chocolate bit in the morning or early afternoon to not interfere with sleep, as I’m sensitive to both sugar and caffeine.  Find what works with you, but have fun with all the amazing lovely dark chocolates out there.  And experiment with my recipe to add some bonus nutrition and taste!

Fig and Ginger Superfood Chocolate Bars

*All of these measurements are for 1 serving.  Also, much is based on your preference, so have fun with it!

**I use 100% often for this recipe because the figs provide some sweetness.  If you’re used to sweeter, I would start with 70% and work your way over time to higher percentages.

4 squares of a 3.5 oz chocolate bar (if your bar is a different weight, look to see what 1 serving is on the back, and that will be your guide as to how much to break off)

2 figs (dried, not fresh), chopped into small chunks

1/2 Tbl of freshly grate ginger root

pinch of black truffle sea salt

1/2 Tbl of coconut oil

1 tsp spirulina powder

hemps seeds to garnish

Cookie cutters (any size and shapes you want)

1 tsp chia seeds or toasted quinoa (I like a crunch in my chocolates!  Either of these provide that and great nutrition.  Toasted quinoa is easy to make, just google a recipe online.  I make up a large batch and keep it in the fridge to use)

1 tsp mushroom powder (optional . . I use an immune mix of mushrooms that I buy in powder form.  They don’t add any taste, but I get the nutrition)

Heat the coconut oil in a pan on very low heat and add the chocolate.  Let it melt down just a little and then add all the other ingredients.  I leave out just a little ginger and cut figs for garnish on top.  Mix all the ingredients together over low heat until well mixed.  For some brands of chocolate, you may need to add a bit more oil if it’s looking too dry and not mixing well.  But you don’t want it too runny so that it sets up.  I place the cookie cutters on top of wax paper on a plate.  I spoon the chocolate mixture into the cookie cutters, then sprinkle hemp seeds on top and garnish with just a little grated ginger and fig bits.  Place in the freezer for 5 minutes on the plate, then take out and transfer to a tupperware with a lid and either place back in the freezer or fridge to solidify more.  If you’re wanting to eat right away, they should be ready in about 15 minutes in the freezer.  You can pop them out of the cookie cutters and enjoy!   I eat them as my breakfast at mid-morning.  Healthy and filling!



Riding out a cold

imageMy daughter has had a cold this week . . a very typical cold for a 3-year old with runny nose, tired, cranky and some fever.  She doesn’t get sick often, but when she does it’s almost always when we’ve been hitting it hard, on-the-go, and she’s worn down.  Completely normal.  Since she came down with the cold, I’ve been recommended left and right to give her medicine for the cough, for the runny nose, for the fever, so that “at least she feels better and can eat something”.  I understand they’re coming from a place of love and also (sadly) coming from a habit of what’s now considered normal, to give medicine at the slightest sign of sickness.  I’m not a doctor, but in my head it just didn’t seem like a horrible thing for her to have a cold.  Of course, I don’t like seeing her miserable, but her immune system was working, ideally getting stronger I figured, by fighting off the infection herself rather than having medicine do it for her, which in turns suppresses the immune system and can lead to problems down the road.  Several times I felt like the bad mom, not giving her something to relieve her symptoms.  “She’s just so uncomfortable, Tara”, or “she ought to eat something”.  I’m not a doctor, but here’s my thoughts.  A cough, a runny nose, a fever . . . those are all ways the body is trying to heal itself.  And guess what I’ve learned?  Given half a chance, it WILL heal itself!  Even her lack of appetite and lethargy to me was a sign that the body was using its energy for healing, not digesting or playing.  Of course, all these symptoms should be watched and I’m aware of that (a high fever for too long, or unexplained fever reoccurring, etc), but considering our days leading up to it, it made sense to me that she might have caught a cold.  As well, her symptoms fell into the normal “cold” category.  And she was drinking water consistently, which seemed to me the most important.  Anyway, I eventually broke down and ran out late at night to get a cough syrup.  I found myself thankful the next morning to find out she had spit out the cough syrup on the sheets.  Yay!  It hadn’t settled right with me.  What’s in those syrups anyway?  Why are they that color and what gives them that “strawberry” flavor?  A day later, after some gentle pushing from a family member, I broke out the cold medicine because she was running a fever and had been drowsy all day.  Again, my instinct told me to still wait it out.  I just couldn’t seem to make myself take the seal off the bottle and give it to her.  I saw her miserable on the couch, yes.  But I also saw a strong little body trying to fight it off herself.  Instead of medicine,  I whispered reassuring words to her that she was strong, that I was proud of her, that she was going to feel better soon.  I gave her a gentle massage and lots of kisses and sat with her.  She woke up the next morning without a fever, with smiles and better energy, and an appetite to go with it!  I was so glad I believed in her and thankful that I went with my instinct.  Mother nature has it figured out.  Our amazing bodies are capable of so much.  It reaffirmed my belief in our body’s strength and in that we were all give a natural apothecary within us.

That being said, since I’m not a doctor and people many times like to hear it from the mouth of a doctor, check out this article . . . http://www.drfranklipman.com/why-you-usually-shouldn’t-treat-a-fever/ and I hope it will give you confidence in your children’s healing capabilities as well as your own, and in your instinct as a parent.

The photo is of my little one, the day after the fever, enjoying some cartoons and vegan coconut milk ice cream!

Reflections on Earth Day

I ran across this article that I wrote 4 years ago.  It still rings true on this Earth Day and serves as a grateful reminder of what we’re given.  Get out there and get dirty!

As Earth Day approaches, I am increasingly thinking of everything I’m grateful for that out Mother Earth supplies.   I feel each of us should celebrate ourselves every day by being grateful for who we are as individuals and the opportunity to have this human experience, and although I try to do that daily, especially upon waking, it’s sometimes nice to have that once-a-year reminder, our birthdays, to really appreciate ourselves and the path we’re on in life.  Just the same, I feel a celebration and appreciation for Earth should be a continuous vibration we’re giving off, but it’s nice to have that yearly reminder, Earth Day, of the beauty and the miracles that we’re continuously surrounded by.   I can only speak for myself and I know I sometimes feel that I lose this connection to Mother Earth, to my surroundings, to essentially my extended body, when I get caught up in daily life.  This is most certainly the case in my past, but still I have days or moments when I catch myself and think, “When was the last time I connected with the earth, with the sand or soil or grass, and stopped to feel the breeze or admire the beauty of the moon, or listen to the sounds of the birds, or appreciate the warmth of the sun, or the intricate design of a flower?”  Not long ago, I had some health issues that really slowed me down, and in a way, I realize that was blessing in disguise.  Although I was in quite a bit of pain and not moving around much, the phrase “take time to stop and smell the roses” became literally a reality.  I often couldn’t make it but a few steps before needing to take a break and I moved so slow I couldn’t help but notice the smells around me.  In my rests on park benches, or curbs or wherever I could prop myself, I’d admire the water, the marine life, and the plants and feel the sunshine and breeze.  I wasn’t running through life at a runner’s pace like I had the past 29 years, because I simply couldn’t.   Even at the time, I could appreciate the lesson I was learning to slow down, appreciate your surroundings, don’t rush through life and I felt my body was simply giving me a head’s up that I better work on finding balance or I would be headed for much worse problems.  But something still wasn’t sitting right with me.  Even though I had plenty of time to enjoy nature, since I often wasn’t able to work or do a whole lot actively, I felt a dis-connect.  I was taking a medicine that in the long-run was supposed to cycle out some of this “pain” – too complicated (and boring) to get into – but it was a synthetic medicine, for one, so nothing “from the earth” was part of it.  On top of that, I couldn’t touch plants and I couldn’t use any products that contained plants, herbs, extracts, juices and the like.  For three years, I essentially never touched grass, I wore gloves to garden or do flower arrangements and I used only synthetic products on my hair and skin and for any household cleaning with ingredients that I couldn’t even begin to pronounce.  It’s no wonder I didn’t feel better!  I was trying to heal my body but was completely disconnected from my extended body!  How could I heal? I was in so much pain and I was looking for some sort of remedy to cling to, and that’s what I did. I appreciate the path that I took in that I’ve now fully realized the importance of having that connection to the Earth, that connection we’re meant to have from birth, being made from the same elements as the Earth itself.  While still on the medicine, I gradually through my own research and amazing people/teachers that came into my life and the Universe simply delivering answers to my questions, realized that we have been given through nature everything we need to live, to heal, to rejuvenate, to renew, and to feel balanced.  It’s all been given to us, it’s here at our fingertips.  We may need to find what works specifically for our body types, our current situations, but the answers are there . . . that is to say, here in Nature, our Mother Earth.  I went off my medicine many months ago and have never looked back.  I feel vibrant, I feel healthy, I feel connected to my body, and I’m conscientious of what’s going on and in my body.  Most importantly, I’ve restored that connection to the Earth – and I say “restored” because I believe we’re born with that connection, there’s no way to be born without it, but it can be and is easily lost.  I remember that first day after 3 years that I walked barefoot on the grass – the excitement, the cool touch, my heart feeling like it was swelling – and giving thanks for that moment and the beauty that I was a part of.  So let’s celebrate Earth every day, with a special reminder this Earth Day coming up . . . . I honestly can’t think of anything better to do.  And with that being said, I’m headed out to paddle board, to get away from the computer and get my much needed daily dose of nature!

Your blog on wellness tips!

I’ve created this blog as a means for spreading awareness on health issues as well as providing recipes, secrets for eating well when we’re so on-the-go, and fitness tips.  My intention is to keep it light and personal, yet really provide some information that can help you on your journey for better health.  I’m an Integrative Nutrition health expert and Pilates Instructor, and have had my own interesting health journey.  I am forever grateful for those struggles that I overcame as it led me to where I am today . . . living with vitality and helping others to do the same.  Please keep posted on upcoming blogs and thank you for taking the time to check them out.  Your health deserves it!